This was the first real poem I ever wrote in my life.  A sonnet.  I wrote it sometime near the end of 2006.  It is about a girl I worked with.


The Past

I’d run a marathon, and then a half.

To see your smile, and hear your laugh.

Your beauty is celestial, it leaves me aghast.

My mouth breaks into a smile, when you walk past.


Your teeth, they glisten.  Your hair, it shines.

In another life, you could be mine.

Your eyes, they twinkle.  Your smile is vast.

I should have met you sometime in your past.


When you walk by, my heart seems to flutter.

But when you sat hi, all I can do is stutter.

In another life, this feeling could last.

But since you are taken, it’s all in the past.


Your voice is like honey, it sounds so divine.

But only at work do our lives intertwine.

One day we’ll part ways, the die is cast.

Our future is separate, just like our past.


Eventually you’ll forget me, my memory won’t stay.

But I’ll never forget you, not one single day.

Our days here are fleeting, time goes by so fast.

But I’ll always remember this time from my past.



My second poem.  Written within a week of my first.  I decided that if I was going to write poetry I wanted it to be different. This is when I came up with the idea for a KayJon.  But my creativity did not extend to coming up with a name for my poetry so I just named it after my two kids.

I think the 3rd stanza of this poem is the best thing I ever wrote.  Which isn’t hard since I really haven’t written much.  In the future I might change the last two stanzas.  It feel the end is a little weak.


Call Center

I work on the phones, like a peon all day.

At a thankless job, with meager pay.

There is a bright spot, as bright as a suns ray.

It’s seeing your smile as you pass by my way.

Sometimes I feel stupid, I know not what to say.

But my spirits are lifted, my heart is happy and gay.


The hours drag by, and time seems so slow.

While outside it is bright, the day is aglow.

I wait for your next trip by, to where I don’t know. 

And as you walk by, time seems to flow.

The day is now great, before it was just so-so.


As we journey through life, it sometimes seems unfair.

Our problems are legion, we have more than our share.

But change is unknown, and we so easily scare.

So we stay on the path that leads to nowhere.


At work you’re my refuge, my job is no fun. 

But soon you’ll be gone, like the setting sun.

And when you leave here, my life will be done.


Fairy Tales begin with, “Once Upon a Time.”

But sometimes our lives doesn’t always rhyme.


And everything ends when we hear the clock chime.



After my first two poems I took a long hiatus.  But then in 2012 I wrote this poem about a girl (Michelle) and a mouse. 

This is my longest poem to date, and in some ways my favorite.  But I have started one that will be longer if I ever complete it.


The Mouse

As I walked through the door, she looked my way.

She smiled as she saw me, it made my whole day.

So I walked right up to her, not sure what to say.

As I beckoned her closer, my feet felt like lead.

“There’s a mouse in your foyer”, I quietly said.

And as she looked toward the door, her face turned bright red.


She grabbed someone to help her, and ran into the backroom.

Then she came back through the door with a dustpan and broom.

She trapped the trembling mouse just inside the front door.

But when she tried to sweep it up, it ran across the floor.

And when it stopped, it was on the other side of the store.


She didn’t want to harm it, but it shook with fear.

She just wanted to catch and take it away from here.

She finally cornered it, the mouse had nowhere to hide.

Then she swept it up quickly and took it outside.


As she took the mouse outside and let it run free,

I went back inside and ordered chicken and tea.

And as I ate my lunch my heart was filled with glee.


I finished my meal and emptied my tray,

And I turned and waved as I went on my way.


With a smile on my face for the rest of the day.



In my opinion this is one of the best book series ever written.  This was the first book in the series.  There were seven books in the series along with 5 short story books that filled in the gaps between the main books.  I would always buy two books when they came out so my son and I could read them together.  We would finish the book in 3 days and then have to wait another year for the next in the series.

This poem is about the planet that the Garde, as the Aliens were known as in the book, originated from.



From a distant cold world,

A dark and desolate place.

Where the sun didn’t shine,

In deep outer space.

There came a destructive race.


They came with fury.

They came with fire.

And a world with no worry,

Began to expire.


It happened in a moment,

In a blink of an eye.

Our world began to die.


And what did we learn,

As we watched it burn.


Faith, hope and love survive.



About a guy thinking about a girl.


The Girl

He stood at the window.

He looked out at the starry sky.

He dreamed of a girl,

He didn’t know why.


He pictured her face.

He could see her smile.

He thought for a while.


He went to his bed.

He lay down his head.


He could not sleep.



The Fight

This poem is under construction. (Or not yet complete)


It happened at midnight. 

On the cusp of a new day.

A wild and crazy fight.

That didn’t go my way.

I’ve heard might makes right,

But don’t believe what they say.


It was all a misunderstanding.

That is how most fights begin.

But when you start fighting,

There is only one sin.

And that’s not fighting to win.


They say the bigger you are,

The harder you fall.

But it hurts and leaves a scar,

Even when you are small.






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